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Proud signatory of the Scottish LGBT Sports Charter


The ultra community is already well known for being inclusive and welcoming, so when we first heard about the Scottish LGBT Sports Charter, we knew we'd be signing up to it as soon as possible.


You can read the key points of the Charter here for a more detailed understanding of what we're committing ourselves to. In essence we've agreed to be decent human beings. That's it. 


While we're pretty sure that we - along with all of our runners, marshals and other participants - were already managing that just fine, we strongly believe it's important to deliberately say so rather than just assume everyone already realises.


Any participants or potential participants with suggestions for how we can meet our commitment to the charter any better, please let us know. We welcome any and all input, and would particularly like to hear from any trans or nonbinary runners who might be interested in our event. We have offered a nonbinary gender category since 2016, and we fully support ALL our runners to compete in the gender category which matches their authentic self

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Runners: We welcome entries from runners with disabilities. If you normally require a guide/support runner, we will of course make an exception to our general 'no support runners' rule. Please get in touch with us to discuss arrangements. We really don't think the route is suitable for wheelchair athletes however if you want to prove us wrong we would love you to come along and have a go!

Marshals: We welcome volunteers with disabilities to our event team. If you're interested, please get in touch. Our event HQ is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair accessible toilet, all race checkpoints can be reached by car and marshals can park right at all checkpoints. There are portaloos/toilets at all checkpoints however these are not wheelchair accessible.

Spectators: Same as above, we welcome spectators with disabilities. Our event HQ is wheelchair accessible and has a wheelchair accessible toilet. All race checkpoints can be reached by car. If you wish to access Maxton checkpoint by car, you MUST get in touch with us beforehand to get permission. If you're coming to watch the race and there's anything we can do to make the event more accessible to you, please get in touch and let us know.

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