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The Relay Race

A big welcome to the seventh running of the

Jedburgh Three Peaks relay race

Distance: 10 + 7 + 11 + 10 miles

Race date and time: Saturday 28th October, 8:00am

Entry fee: £120  (team of 4 runners)

Entry limit: 25 teams  (a ballot may be held)

All team members must be aged 20+ on race day.


All team members are strongly encouraged to run in

fancy dress. It's Hallowe'en weekend after all! :-)

The relay race takes place at the same time as the ultramarathon, and on exactly the same route. Race registration is the same time and place. Relay runners have access to exactly the same changing and showering facilities. The majority of the information is the same for both events. So please have a look round the rest of the website for any information you need, as chances are you'll find it here somewhere...



The rules are broadly the same for both events, so have a look at that page too. 

There are a couple of extra rules just for relay runners:

1. Teams MUST have a team vehicle - you need a car/van to take part

2. Only ONE runner per team permitted on the race route at any one time 



Watch this space...

Screen Shot 2023-10-18 at 15.10.17.PNG

Please note:  Full team information - runners' names, DOBs, mobile phone numbers and full medical information MUST be supplied by Sunday 15th October or your team will be removed from the entry list. 

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