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Race rules


We like to keep it simple. We specify minimal compulsory kit and some basic rules that you MUST observe - for your own safety, for other people's safety, to minimise disruption to local residents and businesses, and to protect the reputation and future of the race. Beyond these essential rules, you can find much more detailed advice in your Race Handbook which will be published on the website and emailed out to you before the event. 

Compulsory kit

You must carry these with you at all times:


  • an emergency foil blanket

  • a waterproof jacket/top/smock with hood

  • a charged and switched on mobile phone

Scottish Athletics Rules

The race is run under Scottish Athletics permit which means:


  • no running with dogs 

  • you must be 20 or over to take part


Although the route is mostly trail, there are some short sections of road and a couple of serious road crossings, so follow these rules, especially the earphone ones!

  • ALWAYS obey the marshals 

  • remove earphones completely for road crossings

  • remove earphones completely when running on tarmac

Your conduct

Basically, don't be a dick!


  • look out for your fellow runners

  • be courteous to other trail and road users

  • remember to thank the marshals

  • no littering 

  • no pacers or support runners

  • no support crews 

A final very important rule from the Jedburgh Three Peaks Medical Team:

The casual race-day use of ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) is forbidden. You must not use any of these drugs as a race-day painkiller. If we become aware that you are doing so, you WILL be disqualified. Please note that if you have an ongoing prescription for any of these medications, you should continue to take your usual dose but you must inform us about it in advance via email and you must be able to show us an in-date prescription packet if requested. 

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