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The Three Peaks route


38-ish miles
80% trail / 20% tarmac
2800ft ascent / descent
Tougher than you think!

Forest trails, hillside paths, quiet country lanes, open fields, a wobbly bridge, riverbanks, cows, wooden staircases, disused railway lines, a golf course, historic gravestones, extinct volcanoes, flipping awesome views, the odd bit of mud, okay, maybe a lot of mud, spooky woods, the Playpark of Doom, dodge-the-dinosaur antics, battlefields, villages, more staircases, more views, more riverbanks, more fields, more cows, that wobbly bridge again, some horrible tarmac, and finally a cheeky wee uphill sprint finish!

And a beer at the end of course  :-)

To view the route on MapOmeter click here. To download a full GPX file of the route click here. To store the route in your Garmin or Suunto or other fancypants watch-a-ma-call-it please refer to the user manual that came with your particular watch-a-ma-call-it. Please don't ask us how it's done; we won't have a scooby. You can also store the route in your smartphone by using one of many available GPX apps, but please be aware that using your phone as a navigation device requires a lot of battery power.

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